Welcome to this petite store.

Why is it petite?

Well because  there aren’t many dropship items (mainly from Chinese suppliers) on this website, because I work alone and it’s more a hobby than a real entrepreneurship, I don’t put The Dropship Shop too full with products, because then I can’t keep up anymore :-O
Hence the majority of the products you see on this website are affiliate products.

What is dropshipping?
This means that you order your product and the seller will place an order with the supplier of that item. The supplier will have the item directly shipped to your address.
So the seller never sees it. But he only takes a small (or a large) margin on the sale. My margins are usually small.

Now many of you will know the Chinese webshops, but you can only pay them with fiat money.
I accept Bitcoin and Litecoin. Other cryptocoins might be added in the future.

But for the paranoid ones amongst you I also accept Paypal (thus fiat money), you will be able to choose which way of payment you want to use at checkout.

Refunds are only given in fiat money, because it is too difficult to backtrace the cryptocoin payments. And too difficult to prove I actually paid you back.

So if you paid US$ 15 and you return the item you will get US$ 15 back, no matter what the current exchange rate of the cryptocoin is at that moment.

Happy shopping,


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