Delivery times:

All dropship items are sent from China, unless otherwise stated

Custom’s duties:

Unfortunately I only know the exempted amounts for importing products to the EU (European Union)
When the custom’s of a EU member state intercept your parcel, they will estimate the real value (marking them as “gift” or write a lower trade value on the custom’s document (CN22 or CN23) does not fool them.
If they can’t estimate the value then the postal service or the courier in the destination country will send you a letter and/or send you an email, asking you for the real value and evidence of the real value

The real value is in this case: the purchase cost of the item(s) PLUS fees PLUS shipping cost. You need to prove this. The actually invoice is accepted as evidence.
The Cryptocoin Dropshipper automatically sends you an invoice in the fiat currency you checked out with.
Only the PDF invoice is the official one.
I recommend to also send the bank or paypal statement of that transaction or even the transaction if you paid in cryptocurrency.
Invoices however are always in fiat currency for ease of accounting.

When am I expected to pay custom’s duties?

For all countries that have the Euro as official currency:

1. From € 0.00 to € 22.00: no duties

2. From € 22.01 to € 150.00: the VAT rate of the EU member state the order is delivered in + hamdling fee courier or postal service.

3 From € 150.01: the VAT rate of the EU member state the order is deliverd in + import duties (TARIC) (the amount depends on the TARIFF or TARIC code that the item is assigned, too)

For EU member states that don’t have the Euro as currency, the same as above applies, but for the exemption amounts you will have to check with your local custom’s office.

Who pays the custom’s duties and handling fees?

Within the European Union: you as long as I am not VAT registered

Outside the European Union: you (that will probably be always as I will probably never meet the VAT or sales tax thresholds for those countries)

Why am I not VAT registered? Please read the General FAQ.