If you are reading this, you are probably encountering the same problem I had.

If you are a (relatively) active trader of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and other coins, you might have wondered how to keep track of your trades.

The first one I would recommend is Cointracking.info (opens in new window or tab), the first 200 trades are free, but upgrading is rather expensive but inevitable if you are an active trader.

To me it is the best one, because it can give you tax reports (all trades are converted to your local currency, taking the volatility and the fiat exhange rates into account).
You can also connect to the API’s of the major exchanges so your portfolio monitor is automatically updated (once per day, but you can update manually once per hour by calling the dedicated API). Of course it’s also possible to enter trades manually.

The second one is Cryptocompare, but I don’t like that one. It is very customer unfriendly and has no automatic import features.