Rent the Cryptocoindropshipper’s own Gridseed 5 (GC3355)

How to rent this rig?

Click the purple bar with the text “rent this rig for x hours for ฿ x.xxxxx

You will end up on the rig’s page.

Scroll down and enter the hours you want to rent it, it will automatically fill in the amount in ฿ you have to pay for the duration of your lease.
Then click: “sign up to rent” (just log in if you already have an account and then click the purple bar below on THIS website) , after you did that and completed your subscription at it will ask you to deposit ฿ in your miningrigrentals balance.
Once that is filled sufficiently you can start renting hashing power.

rent this rig for a minimum of 5 hours for ฿ 0.00016875


This scrypt  (yes it is a dual miner, but for efficiency reasons I let it only mine in scrypt) rig is advertized with a hash rate of 300 kH/s.
Before you decide to rent, check it’s online status under historical hashrate

You will be able to see this on the landing page when you click this link.

When it shows a graph like this (pay attention to the ORANGE color)

Don't rent this rig when the graph is fully orange like this

then it is FULLY offline. DON’T RENT IT (probably impossible anyway)
But don’t worry MRR has a refund policy, the rig owner won’t be paid for offline periods and the rig lessee will get a full or partial refund for the time the rig was not working)

When it shows a graph like this (pay attention to the PINKISH color)

not hashing but available, safe to rent

then it means it’s available, but is just not connected to a pool (MRR lets rig owners mine for themselves if their rigs aren’t let).
Because it is not connected to a mining pool when it’s not rented it will show a 0.00 hash rate. This is normal.
The rig will work when you rent it

And if it looks like this

this rig is currently being rented, wait till the rent is over or choose another rig

then it is currently being let and you will have to wait till the lessee’s renting period is over or choose another rig

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